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For a number of years Tony Upward has been involved in the world of elderly care and dementia.  With a background in hightech, cybersec and TSCM, Tony was aware of the polygraph and wondered if its use in the world of elderly care could help reduce the cases of abuse and poor care he seen in the sector.  He quickly realised that this was not going to work, it was too invasive and ultimately too time consuming and expensive.  

Fast forward to 2015 where Tony met Home Office Approved polygraph examiner and Founding Director of Integrity Assured, Terry Mullins and fellow polygraph examiner Ian Duffield.  With his unique background crossing between cyber fraud, corporate espionage and elderly care the benefits of this new system that were being discussed were obvious.  Terry with his vast experience across the globe as one of the UKs leading polygraph examiners also saw the potential of this non-invasive integrity testing system and hence founded Integrity Assured.  Ian saw this as the evolution in truth verification and very much saw the EyeDetect platform as the corporate solution to Integrity Testing.  

Between the three of them Integrity Assured was born, the UK Premier Partner of the hugely successful Converus Inc.

Embassy launch

In July 2015 the UK Premier Partner for Converus, Integrity Assured held their first demonstration of EyeDetect in the United States Embassy in London.  In attendance were leaders from across the country from banks such as Lloyds & TSB to Western Union and the De Beers group of companies.  All of them had one thing in common, interest in how technology can help them improve their business’s.

Integrity Assured is now up and running with active demonstrations of the EyeDetect platform taking place across the country.  With the support of our partners across the pond we have been able to successfully demonstrate the platform and begin the UK rollout. 

US Embassy London

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