How EyeDetect Works

New, Accurate Solution for Integrity Testing

The eyes cannot lie.

EyeDetect can see through deception by analysing eye behaviour. The same scientists that invented the computerised polygraph developed this new integrity testing technology. Our science team includes the world’s foremost experts on polygraph techniques.

For almost a century, the polygraph has been the only viable solution within the field of truth verification, but after over 12 years of research, our scientists have developed a different, yet equally effective solution that can be used in the commercial world as an integrity testing tool.

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    How does deceit affect the body?

    Deceit causes subtle changes in the behaviour of the eye due to increased cognitive load. EyeDetect uses a precision optical scanner to measure subtle changes and combines the measurements in a mathematically-optimal manner to detect deception.

    The polygraph measures emotional responses to questions; EyeDetect evaluates changes in cognitive load associated with deception.

    Deception is more cognitively demanding than being truthful. First, deceptive thinking requires planning, comparison, and execution of purposefully incorrect responses. The extra vigilance required by deception results in increased cognitive workload, which is reflected in increased question response errors, increased question response time, and an increase in overall reading and re-reading time.

    Second, deception requires caution and strategy. As such, general indicators of processing difficulty such as;

    • Question response time, pupil diameter, and number of fixations while reading;
    • Initial and delayed processing difficulty when taking a first pass, and then a second when reading is affected.

    The two technologies can provide partially independent sources of diagnostic information about truth and may be used in combination to great advantage in some applications.

    How does EyeDetect work?

    The person being tested sits in front of a computer and uses a chin rest to stabilise his or her head. After being calibrated to the optical scanner, the person answers a series of true/false questions.

    The question responses, along with pupillary changes and eye movements are measured and are stored on a secure, encrypted data locker.

    At the conclusion of the test, the data are uploaded to a secure cloud server where it is analysed and a detailed report is then generated. In essence, by means of a logistic regression equation, EyeDetect computes the probability of truthfulness.

    Only authorised personnel can access the report through a Web browser or mobile device to view individual tests and the Credibility Score. This score is the probability that the person was truthful.

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